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    What Do Good Women Want?

    I am constantly asked by Men “What do Women want?” I have complied the top 13 things  good women  are looking for when considering dating you. Be prepared men, it may shock and surprise you! I say good women to rule out gold diggers that …

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    10 Reasons Singles Would Use A Dating Coach

    Let’s face it Dating in this century is not easy , it’s like trying to discover the holy grail sometimes. I have had singles tell me it’s like they are standing at the train tracks and they keep missing their connection. Truthfully there are a …

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    10 Reasons Professionals Use Matchmakers

    Let me expand that title, when I use the term “Professionals” it also includes Entrepreneurs and Management. Why Professionals opt to use Matchmakers might surprise you. When polled these are their top 10 answers: 1. Privacy: Most of my clients are very private people, they …

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    Instant Chemistry, don’t let that spark blind you!

    A few years ago I read a great book written by Barbara DeAngelis PhD. She writes and I quote “The key to choosing the right partner is to look for a person with character, not simply a good personality the same goes for being a …

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    What can the tragic death of Robin Williams teach us?

    Everywhere you go on social media and in person everyone is shocked and saddened at the loss of Robin Williams yesterday. I was so fortunate to meet and work with him and his uncanny spontaneous sense of humor, uncommon kindness, down to earth demeanor and …

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    In Praise of Women Your Own Age

    Have you seen this article in Huffington Post called My ‘Naked’ Truth. Robin Korth wrote about a horrible experience she had with a 55 year old man named Dave she had met on the internet. Although he really liked her and enjoyed her company he …

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    12 Dating Tips For Men.

    Men always tell me they have no idea what women want. Listen up MEN these are the top 12 dating do’s Women like you to initiate contact with them, then ask for the date. At the very least by phone, never text or email for …

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    The Benefits Of ‘Playtime’ For You And Your Partner

    Playtime is a staple in children’s lives, but not many adults… When was the last time you played? I mean really played. Outdoors, wind in your hair, laughing and smiling from ear to ear. Were you with a friend or was it with your partner? …

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    Notes to Moms, With Love!

    Relationships with our Mother’s can be wonderful and challenging as well, as any relationship.  I took a poll and asked  a varied group of men and women, If you could say anything to your mother,  without fear of repercussion, what would it be? The answers …

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    Are You Relationship Ready?

    Are you Relationship Ready?  While pre-screening new potential clients one of the first things I do is check to see if their timing is really right. Many times I find out they are not quite there yet! Let’s face it we all want love but some people …

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