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    Be open to Receive, no matter where you are!

    I am always saying that in order for us to meet great people we have to be open, Florence Italy was no exception. As a visitor in the lovely city of Florence, I decided to take the hop on hop off bus. As a single …

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  • single traveling match-works

    Traveling single!

    How many of you have traveled by yourself, I don’t mean with a tour group but completely on your own? Well I just did and it’s not the first time either! No, I am not crazy, a loner nor do I have a death wish. …

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  • socializing in vancouver so hard

    Why is socializing in Vancouver so hard?

    I am asked this all the time, “Why is dating or even basic socializing so hard?” Personally as someone who has a tendency to talk to anyone I can’t understand it, but that does not mean that everyone talks back. Often I am met with …

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  • my lost love vancouver matchmaking

    My Lost Love!

    Recently I have been struggling to lose a few pounds that have mysteriously crept on my A__ . I started to question why. Watching my weight and staying in shape has not been a problem for years, but years ago I had a love. It …

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  • at a dating relationship dead end

    At a dead end? Don’t let that stop you!

    Every once in a while you come to a point where you realize that your life story has become stalled, redundant or downright boring. When you find yourself at this point it becomes clear, there is no other option, it’s time to turn the page …

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  • three relationships to make one work

    Three relationships to make one work?

    “Today I would like to introduce Jeremy Cid my guest blogger. Jeremy is a relationship coach and has great insight for singles and couples looking to build lasting connections.” We are all aware that there different types of relationships and that different things/actions/thought patterns are …

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  • Is sexting cheating

    Is Sexting Cheating?

    Thanks to cell phones, IPod’s, laptop computers we now have immediate access to a multitude of people anywhere, everywhere. Unfortunately when anything is too easy it tempts the weak and feeds addictive behaviours such as cheating or at least virtually cheating. Herein lies the question, …

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  • keeping your relationship life healthy with good food and nutrition

    Boost your potential to find the perfect partner! (guest Blogger)

    I am constantly hearing this complaint!(Including from Me!!!!) I just can’t seem to lose these last few pounds and I know I would feel better about myself if I could. Crash diets don’t work in the long run so we need some real solid ideas …

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  • Valentines day stress free matchmaking agency vancouver

    Valentine’s Day stress free! (revised)

    Feb 14th is here again and it promises hearts, flowers, chocolates and magical love right? Or it can cause panic uncertainty or downright fear if you are in a relationship. Why, because of the fear of messing it up, not living up to the fantasy. …

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    Do you think Vancouver Men suck?

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