IS IT TIME FOR YOU TO FIND LOVE? ARE YOU TIRED OF THE DATING ROLLER COASTER? DOES QUALITY VERSUS QUANTITY matter to you? Match-Works Matchmaking and SHEREE MORGAN offer you a personal, private, professional option to dating services. CALL NOW to find out about their EXCLUSIVE PLATINUM, GOLD AND SILVER MEMBERSHIPS. LOVE IS A WONDERFUL THING and ISN'T THAT WHAT YOU REALLY WANT? 778-927-1204.

Why is Matchmaker Sheree Morgan and Match-Works Unique?

1. Effective

Match-Works Matchmaking and Sheree Morgan have a highly effective matching process often resulting in great matches within two to three dates.


2. Private

Match-Works Matchmaking takes extra care to ensure your personal data is kept private and never ever stored online.

3. Safe

Every Match-Works match has had their background checked and been personally pre-screened to ensure your safety and peace of mind.


4. Personal

Sheree personally screens all potential matches then works on a one to one basis using her fabulous intuition to find that unique match.

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  • 10690101 10153066155063035 139975343797972578 N

    Valentine’s Day Tips

    My thought process is we should spend Valentine’s Day with people we love. I don’t believe singles should run out desperately trying to find a date. It puts too much pressure on both parties and quite frankly I would rather spend that time with someone …

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  • Dreamstime Xs 10972089

    It’s just my opinion…..

    How many people do you  know that are opinionated?  Well we all are, it’s just whether or not we choose to battle over our opinions. I have many opinions, as you know, I write a blog about dating and relating, but those are just that, …

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  • Images1

    Are you still riding a roller coaster relationship?

      My first question is why? What about that roller coaster relationship has you going back for more? How many times do you have to crash and burn before you say uncle, enough,  I got the lesson? If it didn’t work 5 or 10 times …

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  • 1654310 10152617533043642 1589057020 N

    The 80- 20 % rule in relationships

    Most of you have already heard of the 80 – 20% rule. If not you may want to google a bit about it or just continue reading. A very good friend of mine told me about it many years ago and I have used it …

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  • 7239 10151408393392261 742678779 N

    Need versus Want.

    Most single people nowadays have gotten confused between what they NEED to find a suitable partner and what they WANT. As you may know I am a matchmaker and a dating coach so I know of what I speak, first hand. Trust me when I …

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  • 71486 10151316327722261 2137245321 N

    12 Ways to meet more people (face to face)

    1. GET OUTSIDE MORE. 2. While outside, get into the habit of talking to people. Yes, face to face. 3. If you are scared to talk to new people, start by taking baby steps. When you are walking down the street start by saying hi …

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  • 71486 10151316327722261 2137245321 N

    How to have a better conversation

    Recently I have been thinking about how social media affects our relationships. My theory is we are getting lazy and losing the art of conversation because of using social media so much. Some of you may disagree with me but I think we can all …

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  • e-flirt-online-dating-optimized

    Match-Works Poll – Social media and your personal relationships

    Over the years I have written many posts on social media and how I think they can affect your personal relationships particularly new ones. I actually have a rule for my clients, when they are getting to know each other, no texting. Why? Because it …

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  • Unrealistic expectations dating, matchmaking can help

    How to know if you are ready for a relationship?

    1. The first step is very simply. Just like the statement Happiness is a choice! So is a relationship, deciding you want a relationship is the very first step. 2. Look at yourself in the mirror; do you honestly believe you are putting your best …

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  • June 2010 013

    My recommendation for a great place for Dates. Stanley Park, Vancouver B.C.

    People are always asking me “where is a great place for a date”. First date, second, 30th etc? I often tell them to look at Stanley Park. Vancouver is fortunate to have the best intercity park around and I have been to NYC and Central …

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