0nline Dating Dangers

gray-wolf-gazingPreviously I wrote about the hazards of online dating, Link: https://match-works.com/?p=1032 I feel compelled to share a few  more stories with you, there are even more reasons why not to do it.

I have a few acquaintances that are still online dating, they think that they know better and believe they are smart enough not to be fooled, even after my warnings.  They are intelligent, worldly women, but they were all  fooled. They had no idea what was waiting on the other side of the computer connection.

One of  these ladies quickly became smitten with a man that she connected with online. He seemed so well matched to her that she impulsively sold her place in the city, quit her job  and moved to the country to share her life with him. Things looked wonderful initially but it wasn’t long before she found herself alone and isolated when her knight in shining armor started to rust and fall apart. Needless to say the fairy tale was just that “a fairy tale”.  Luckily she was able to escape the disastrous relationship but is still struggling to get her life back on track, getting a new job and finding a new home  back in the city, near her friends.

There are tons of  stories of men or women online that state that they are single and looking for a long term relationship but surprise, surprise they are still married, are just going through a breakup or have a girlfriend already and are looking for something else on the side. They will often be the ones that never actually meet you even after  they insist you spend tons of time getting to know each other through e-mails or phone conversations but panic when you  suggest meeting.  Or they meet you, come on to you like a house on fire and then disappear just as fast, no explanation.  What about the ones that meet you and spend hours interviewing you about your finances and assets, but never actually take you out on a date (coffee and an interview is not a date), be careful! Keep that information close to your heart until you get to know someone really well, no matter how you meet them.

Another women I know met a man (also online), he appeared educated, well dressed, well mannered and a gentleman,  he even worked in a similar profession.  How Perfect! He wined and dined her and seemed smitten with her almost immediately.   He presented so well and she felt surprisingly comfortable with him, so she introduced him to her family and friends. Everyone, including me seemed to think that she had found a great guy that was crazy about her. Isn’t that what we all want? Everything looked like he was too good to be true, how lucky we all thought.  Even I questioned myself and thought maybe there are some great possibilities online, if you were really careful.  The only catch was he lived in White Rock and it was a very long way to travel to spend time with each other so before long he stated that maybe he should move into her place. Her place was definitely big enough and  absolutely gorgeous, right on the seawall, who wouldn’t want to move in? Luckily she thought it might be a little too soon to be  taking that step. After all, It was only a few months and he was an early riser while she liked to sleep in. Before she knew it he moved into the city, without even telling her, seriously within a day! (at least it wasn’t at her place) She had started introducing  him to some of her  business connections and considered  bringing him in on some of her projects. Everything seemed perfect until one day in an e-mail she noticed another last name on his e-mail address.  The quick move struck her as too abrupt for such a conservative man and the second name made her concerned. She went online and started googling the other name she found in the e-mail. Almost immediately she found a picture of him being led away in handcuffs on the front  page of a local paper.  It was an old picture taken when he was arrested for Fraud 3 years ago, they were hauling him back to the USA where he was to be imprisoned for 5 years. He  had gotten out early for good behaviour and the local paper thought it only fair to warn the locals that he was back! . HMMMM!!!!!!! Upon further exploration she found he was back up on new charges again and was due to return to court. Needless to say she was shocked and surprised but immediately warned her business associates and friends that he was not the man she thought he was! She felt humiliated, used and couldn’t believe that he had deceived her so well and that she believed him completely. Again let me reiterate,  if someone looks too good to be true, they probably are!

My thought process about online dating stands TRUE!!!!! DON’T DO IT! IT”S DANGEROUS! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHO IS ON THE OTHER SIDE! Ted Bundy was a very charming handsome man that no one ever suspected was a psychopathic killer.  Can you imagine if he had access to social media and online dating?  I do a full background search on my clients and all their possible matches for exactly these reasons. The type of person that I am searching for, for my clients  does not online date. Professionals and executives swear to me  they will not date online, they do not want their pictures for all to see. They do not want  their clients or co-workers knowing what they are doing, they want to remain private. That’s exactly why they come to me! I protect them and their privacy while I am searching for their matches.   If you insist on online dating be Careful!!!!!

At the very least if you are not sure that you want me to search for you as a gold member, you should at least be part of my data listings as a bronze member. You can submit me your profile and photo for consideration at https://match-works.com/step-1/database/ If you happen to be a possible match for someone I am actively searching for I will contact you and we can talk  about upgrading you to a silver membership. For more information you can contact me at 778-927-1204   or e-mail me at    matchmaker@match-works.com

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    I love nothing more than to come site at my computer and read dating services blogs! But you are right, you have to careful, for one and sure about that person’s intentions too

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