10 Reasons Professionals Use Matchmakers

North Shore News Sheree Morgan

Let me expand that title, when I use the term “Professionals” it also includes Entrepreneurs and Management. Why Professionals opt to use Matchmakers might surprise you. When polled these are their top 10 answers:

1. Privacy: Most of my clients are very private people, they come to Matchmakers because they don’t want their clients, friends, family and business associates knowing their personal business.

2. Professional Expertise: No one is good at everything! They understand in order to succeed they focus on what they are good at and get the most qualified person for every other job. A Matchmaker is an expert in the dating and relating field.

3. Personal Service: Professionals understand you get what you pay for. If you want personal service in the dating arena you hire a Matchmaker. Ex. A computer generated match is no comparison to a Matchmaker’s personally hand picked one. The end result is a more compatible match in person versus one on paper.

4. Honest Information: They can trust the potential Matches look like and are who they say they are. A true Matchmaker such as myself I personally screens every potential match before you do. Ex. she knows when a potential match says they are 40 and their drivers license says different. (Not that anyone does that, right?) 🙂

5. Safe: They trust that the Matchmaker (such as myself) does a full criminal background check, for them, the other client and for her safety and piece of mind. (Online you have no idea who you may be meeting. Have you seen the news lately?)

6. Timing: My clients understand it is vital that both parties are at the same place at the same time when looking for a great match. It is a proven fact that only people looking for a one on one relationship come to Matchmakers, they are ready! Singles wishing to play the field do so through online dating or singles bars.

7. Time Effective: Professionals etc. don’t wish to waste their time fishing through thousands of people, they are busy people and only want to meet a few hand picked possible matches. (versus thousands of disappointing coffee dates online) It’s your time, you make the choice!

8. Think outside the Box: Entrepreneurs especially understand that sometimes you have to try something different in order to attain their goals. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”. Albert Einstein

9. Coaching helps: Professionals understand we can all use a helping hand especially by an impartial knowledgeable coach who can guide them along the way helping them attain the results they want. (Versus their well meaning family and friends.) 🙂

10. Effective: My Clients are results oriented people, they know a good thing when they see it. Before and afterwards.

If you would like to know more about how a Matchmaker might be able to help you call me directly at 778-927-1204.


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