A mother’s Love……

This post is dedicated to all those mother’s that give of themselves tirelessly, the true meaning of unconditional love. This  role can  also include the single father that has taken on the role of mother and father, an adopted parent, a step parent  or a dear friend that has welcomed you into their heart. The bottom line is unconditional love.   I want to wish you all the most amazing  day and say thank you on behalf of all mankind. It is because of you and your love that the world is blessed.  I also want to thank my two wonderful sons for giving me the opportunity to explore this amazing and wonderful gift.

A definition of a mother is someone that:

– takes your hand and guides you, even if your path is different from theirs

–  treasures every piece of art or  handmade presents that your little hands could create, (I still have all of mine)

– wipes your tears,  comforts you and wishes they could protect you from ever feeling pain or heartache 

– has unending patience, only god knows where they get it

–  has an ear to listen even when they are almost deaf  from noise

– remembers every precious moment, happy or otherwise    

– smiles at the sight of your face, no matter how dirty it may be

 – is eternally proud of you, even when standing in the middle of another mess

– is grateful for every moment spent with you, no matter how old you are

– says no when she has to,  even though it would be easier to say yes

– wants to keep you  safe, yet encourages you to make your own way

– appreciates that you will grow up, even though they would rather you stayed a child forever  

– wants the best for you

– will love you forever

I know these are just a few things to be grateful for, I would like to encourage you to add your comments on a mother’s love and what you learned from your mother figure.  Thank you again to all those Mothers and don’t forget to make sure and let your mother know how much you love her on this special day.

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