A Remarkable Man, yes, they do exist!

men-dress-matchworks-datingAs most of you know, I am a personal Matchmaker, so I  am constantly asking my  female clients what they are looking for in a man. 🙂  The list of the characteristics and qualities preferred is usually long and can appear quite challenging at times. I am often asked if there are any good men in Vancouver and I have to be honest, it can be a real challenge to find them sometimes.

This weekend I attended a friends memorial for her dearly departed father (George Maria Halpert or otherwise known as Jerzy Maria Krysztof  Karol Halpert-Scanderberg) ). Rarely have I heard or observed such an outpouring of love, admiration and respect for anyone. My dear friend (Wanda) and her siblings ( Helen, Mary, George and Mark), other family members and friends  shared their favourite memories of this humble but extremely memorable man and I could not help but be jealous. I am  not really sure if it was because I would have liked to have had a father like him or a husband.  (I would have been blessed either way.) Somehow George had every characteristic that I  have ever been asked for in a man. I was so moved by the comments about George that I just had to share a little about this remarkable man.

Jerzy or George was born in Poland in 1918 and attended High School in Warsaw. He was raised  in an extremely cultured family, where he learned to appreciate the arts and how to be a gentleman. After making his way through the French Underground in England in 1940 he entered the services of the Polish Forces abroad where he served as First Lieutenant  as a paratrooper and earned the Cross of Valour, (George said he was just doing his duty).  After WWII he immigrated to Canada,  met and married his beloved Rubena and  together they raised their 5 children in Vancouver. George never complained and provided well for his family working  as an accountant and served at his local church as treasurer. (Again, he said he was just doing his duty)

When his children were  asked about growing up with this man, they remembered him as always gentle, always smiling, always a kind word (for everyone), always willing to tell a joke ( he loved his Readers Digest jokes) and always loving. They remembered how he would come home from work tired from the day and lie on the floor and all his children would tumble around with him playfully. He  was passionate about keeping active and could often be found swimming in the ocean and hiking the North Shore Mountains.  He truly loved life.

Every man who spoke at the service said that George was  the one man that they should all aspire to be like. He was strong and brave, a real man`s man,  yet gentle, caring, kind with a great sense of humour and a undaunting  positive attitude. He loved his wife and his family unconditionally and never questioned how he should behave. He believed that was what a man should do. What more could you ask for!

He loved to entertain, dance  and celebrate life and together with his wife Ruby, they had many parties and dinners with friends and family. Last year I was invited to his 91st birthday, I would have never guessed how old he was, he was truly charming and still very handsome.

He adored his wife and when she became ill,  he was always by her side, with a caring word and a gentle touch. After Ruby`s passing he went to live in a care home, where even the nurses had nothing but kind things to say about this gentleman. He had style, he had grace and he brought so much joy to so many people. As I watched all his loved ones and friends teary eyed, happily sharing their treasured moments,  I realized that they all knew they had been blessed to have been touched by this remarkable man. Even the Officiating Pastor remarked at the measure of this man and  he stressed that every one of us, no matter what stage of our life, no matter what we have done up to this day, can still finish as strong as George lived his entire life. I know that I barely knew this man but I am so happy to know  that men like him exist or existed.  Honestly if George was watching from up above, (as I believe he was) he should be so proud to have heard all the wonderful things said about him.  I hope that when I die, people will remember me so fondly. What more could you aspire to.

Rest in Peace George, You certainly did you duty and your family and friends are  forever grateful!

Please don`t tell me that there are no more men like George or I may have to jump off the bridge. 🙂  I know my two sons are very much like him, but then I am prejudiced, I raised them. If all men were  like George I would have no problem finding matches for all my female clients. I am a hopeless romantic and do believe  that there are many more men out their like George and as I tell my  female clients  and as Michael Buble’ so aptly puts it  “I just haven`t met you yet“.

PS. Please contact me if you think you are  anything like George and are single, I have some incredible women who would love to meet you! 🙂

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