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Why Match-Works Matchmaking?

Sheree Morgan Vancouver’s Best and most talked about Matchmaker!

Why would anyone use a Matchmaker versus online or dating services? By now a lot of people have learned that online dating does not work for the majority of singles looking to find a lasting relationship. Unfortunately it seems most online daters are now looking to date the world or due to an illusion of a plethora of choice they seem to have a throw away mentality. They place no real value in those they meet. Plus there is so much distraction you can get lost in the shuffle even if you think you had a connection. That’s not even considering the false advertising that runs rampant on peoples profiles. Dating services will sell you a number of dates not necessarily qualified matches. Sheree will only suggest great possible matches.

Sheree Morgan started Match-Works Matchmaking because the other alternatives were not working. Think about it from a practical side, If you are looking to find a great job, you use the best headhunter you can find, right? You can consider Matchmaker Sheree Morgan your headhunter for your personal life.

Match-Works Matchmaking offers you something hard to find in today’s fast paced world, Personal Service. Sheree offers you her time, energy, skills and proven instinct to help you find the Match that Works for you.

Match-Works Matchmaking is a Safe, Effective,Private, Professional option to find a great possible match.

“It’s All About You!”

The Match-Works slogan is “it’s all about You” and she means it. Sheree Morgan personally interviews all potential clients in a private one on one meeting while many companies use a computer generated program. How can a computer understand your likes and dislikes or get to know you personally? It takes a real live person that really listens and comprehends your needs before they can try to find your match.

Why Choose Match-Works For Your Dating Agency?

Match-Works and Sheree are now in their eight year of successfully matching singles in Vancouver and the lower Mainland but have also helped others from LA, Silicon Valley, Seattle, the Interior and the Island. Sheree looks forward to continuing to help single men and women find successful matches! Maybe you will be the part of the next Happy Couple! Did I mention that She loves her job!

Sheree is a firm believer that Happiness is a Choice and we are all responsible for our own happiness. Even when you are fulfilled otherwise, the world can be a lonely place. Sheree Morgan’s job is to broaden that playing field for you, to help you find that missing piece. Sheree would love to chat with you about your personal search. Together you have a greater opportunity to find that perfect life partner, as she says “it’s all about You”!

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