Be open to Receive, no matter where you are!

travelling-in-car-europe-matchmakerI am always saying that in order for us to meet great people we have to be open, Florence Italy was no exception. As a visitor in the lovely city of Florence, I decided to take the hop on hop off bus. As a single person amid the excited couples happily chatting in foreign languages I pop in my head phones and prepare to tune in to the announcer. Before long a well groomed man asks politely if he can join me as he too needs a single seat.

As the tour starts I discover my seat partner is from LA and is here with his beautiful wife, she is tired and resting and he opted to hop on and see a bit of this historical city. Our bus driver seems to be in a race against time as he barrels down the narrow streets amid the bicyclists and pedestrians, we fear for their lives and ours. Maybe this is why we both felt compelled to reach out to someone else, no one wants to die alone. Just kidding!

Florence does not disappoint, there is so much beauty and history to see. Amid the educational tour (via our headphones) we converse about the scenery and it leads to family, work etc. I cannot help but notice what a charming gentleman he is. He tells me he has been married for a very long time not a surprise considering how easy he is to talk to. When I ask him the secret to his success he says that they fight like crazy every once in a while and then move on. They did not hang onto resentment and he obviously adored her as he mentioned her many times!

Although our ride was a few hours long the time flew by as we discovered commonalities among the splendor. It has been a long time since I found a man I could just chat with that easily, too bad he was married. He made me laugh, made me think and allowed me to pick his brain as a man and husband.
Our ride ended all too soon and we went on our separate ways.

Spending those few hours with this interesting and open gentleman was such a delight I knew I had to share it. The point here is if neither of us had been open to sharing a seat, started a conversation we would have both missed out on a wonderful few hours. Okay he was not single, this was not going to lead to anything, but we still shared something important, a great conversation that thoroughly enhanced both our lives. Did I mention he was 83 and had been happily married to his wife for over 60 years? How fortunate was I to get to spend these few hours with him. Just imagine what and who you might be missing out on if you don’t take any chances?



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