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Being Single during the Holidays

Match-Works FlowersThe holidays can be stressful for anyone but there seems to be an added level of stress if you happen to be single. Every Christmas commercial, song, movie and card shows families and loved ones gathered together for the holidays. But what if you don`t happen to have anyone? I  know first hand of this pain because I don`t have any other family, other than my children. I divorced my ex when my children were 2 and 5 and that meant having to share them every Holiday.  I would spend at least one tear filled Chistmas eve or Christmas day alone, not my finest memories.

Even if you are comfortable on your own most of the time, there is something that screams “poor me” when you are faced with the possibility of a holiday alone.  I was very fortunate to have a lot of dear friends who invited me to share their homes and families over the years, they have no idea how much that meant to me.

It is not a surprise I created a Business helping others find their match. I truly believe everyone deserves to find someone special, humans are not meant to spend their lives alone! We all want to be loved and appreciated especially over the holidays. I struggle every holiday listening to Christmas songs, it`s almost as if they are written to tear our hearts out. The holidays DO NOT have to be heartbreaking, even if you are single! Here are a few ideas that might help:

Socializing 101 offers lots of helpful ideas, check it out.  

Try inviting other single orphans to your house and sharing a POTLUCK holiday dinner. Everyone can bring their favourite dish. So easy and so much fun!

What about volunteering your time at a hospital or homeless shelter, there is always someone out there worse off than you are! When we offer a helping had to others we stop feeling sorry for ourselves!

Van Dusen’s Festival of Lights Show is an amazing way to enjoy a snowy evening with another single friend. I could go one and on but if you google your local area activities you are bound to find many more events to check out and don’t forget to socialize with everyone, everywhere!

Like anything in life the holidays are what we make of it. So what are going to do?  I wish everyone the very best holiday season! Now get busy and start planning a fabulous one!

If you would like some help finding that special someone to share future holidays with contact me at 778-927-1204 or at the very least send me your profile for consideration as a possible match.

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