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    I get asked this question all the time “is there hope for me”? The simple answer is YES. There is always HOPE! But most singles make it almost impossible for themselves. I’ll try to explain this a bit. My favorite tagline is always ”the definition …

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    Lies we tell ourselves when single and over 35 VERSUS the honest truth by Matchmaker Sheree Morgan

    1. I look way younger than my real age – (Almost every person that comes to me tells me the same thing) 2. Anyone should be happy to have me – (No one is a match for everyone) 3. I just haven’t met the right …

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    A Confession from a Believer in Relationship Compatibility by Dr. Joel Block

    This is a post written by Couple and Sex therapist Dr. Joel Block. Maybe it was around the time my mother’s third marriage ended that I became interested in the nature of love relationships, what made them prosper and what made them sink like the …

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    That amazing kiss! OK, so now you have someone you would like to get to know better, now what? You plan a great date but your thoughts are jumping ahead, what happens when you get to that first kiss? Now we are onto one of my …

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    Over 40 Male Online Daters, Who are you kidding?

    One more time I feel compelled to get on my “I hate online dating soapbox”.  In the past year I uploaded a profile on an online dating site after being told by one of their Executives I could go on and look for possible matches for some …

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    Confidence, This Years Most Desirable Accessory

    What is the most attractive accessory any woman can wear? Confidence! Bar none! Yes Confidence is this years most attractive accessory! In the past few years advertising companies have finally got onboard and starting appealing to women and young girls of all sizes and shapes. …

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    When is enough, enough?

    I am always saying that no one or no relationship is perfect but, there are times when it is important to say enough is enough, things have to change or else. This goes for men or women. 1. Anytime there is physical violence,there should never …

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    Do You Believe….. In Love?

    How many of you have uttered the words “there aren’t any good men (or women) out there”? Usually right after finding out your latest date or relationship was not really what you were hoping it would be. Right? If you have read “the secret” or …

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    Socialize With No Expectations?

    How does the saying go? “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!” I remember being a teenager and waiting till the school dance, it seemed like it took forever but somehow when it got there it never quite seemed to measure …

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    Before Moving On, Pack Your Bags!

    Valentine’s Day just passed and if you are single you are probably thinking I need to take the next step. Before you look for that new love, please, please make sure you have taken care of your emotional baggage. You must make sure you have …

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