Can Men and Women be Friends?

Can men and Women be friends, seriously? From first hand experience I would have to say, yes they can!  As a matter of fact my dearest friend is a man, who literally has been my rock for the last 6 years. He recently moved back to the united states and I miss him terribly. We still get to talk on the phone every few weeks, but it is not the same as having  him around to go for lunch with and have our chats in person.  Fortunately, he is not my only male friend.

Recently I had some minor surgery and had to take some recovery time. As a woman who is usually bouncing off the walls, power walking  or rollerblading the seawall or tackling the 18 flights of stairs in my building, convalescing is not the easiest thing in the world for me.  If  it had  not been for my dear friends and particularly my male friends, I might have gone stir crazy. For the first few days I could only lie in a prone position, channel surfing armed with my remote.  You might think this would be something enjoyable, not so much. I had no idea that during the week, there is absolutely nothing on TV except for soaps. YAWN, boring!!!! I ended up ordering the movie channels for a few weeks, just to find something to watch to while away the hours.  Thank god that it rained almost everyday, I didn’t feel that I was missing that much outdoors, except for human contact.  I was fortunate enough that I did have a  quite few friends that were nice enough to phone and check up on me on a daily basis. It was like a lifeline and I am so grateful for them.

The past week just reminded me one more time how wrong  John Grey was (Men are from Mars Women are from Venus) when he tried to tell me that men never want to talk to women. Bull, if they are given an opportunity to converse to a reasonably intelligent respectful woman, you would be surprised how much they talk and how open they are about anything. I still have a few ex’s that call me every once in a while just to chat about their kids, relationships, their jobs,and life in general. So take that John Grey and no they are not gay as  he so rudely stated they must be if they were willing to talk to a woman! As you can guess he was not my favourite interview. It really did surprise me that he was so black and white considering that his name is Grey.  🙂 I guess he is right to a degree, the chance of  him and I being friends, probably not going to happen.  Thankfully there plenty of other men that  are more than willing to be.  🙂

I have learned so much from my male friends, about men in general and relationships. I do realize that these friendships can be difficult though  if one of  you has  sexual fantasies that are clouding the issue. The  best thing you can do in that situation is be completely honest  so as to not lead them on.  I realize that this can be tough, but honestly really is the best policy here. If they are truly not able to just be your friend they may opt out and  you have to respect that.  Not all men and women can be friends, but when it works it can be great. When you are in a romantic relationship you need to be very up front with your partner about these friends or there will be huge problems. (  jealousy).

To those of you women that  don’t have any male friends,  I suggest you try it, you would be surprised how much you can benefit from spending time with a man, without a sexual relationship confusing the issue. I would love to hear your input about male and female friendships.  Have you had a long time friend of the opposite sex? What have you learned from them? Did the relationship end when  one of you started a  romantic relationship  elsewhere?

Again thank you to all my friends, for the last week. Special thanks to my  children, my youngest son Derrick  made a few trips out to Vancouver to take me to the Doctors and run some errands for me, I love you as always. Although my oldest Geoff was working 7 days a week lately, he still found time to call and check  in on me  to make sure I wasn’t up walking my stairs or pushing myself too far too fast. God, he  know’s me so well. 🙂

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