Dating Coach

How can a dating coach help?

As Sheree Morgan and Albert Einstein say “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”. If you are struggling in your dating world maybe it’s time to consider hiring a dating coach?  Dating Coach Sheree will help you boost your confidence,  improve your communication skills, personal image and your dating strategy!

Do you:

  • Get lots of first dates but few second dates, or none at all
  • You attract all the wrong people or none at all
  • The opposite sex never approach you
  • Find it hard approaching the opposite sex
  • You are dating but are convinced there are no good men or women

Benefits of having Sheree Morgan, Vancouver’s Best Matchmaker as your Dating Coach & Image Consultant:

  • Learn how the opposite sex thinks
  • Learn how to make the best first impression
  • Learn how to socialize easily and effectively
  • Make sure that first date leads to a second

Sheree  is a firm believer that “Happiness is a Choice” and we are all responsible for our own happiness! Before you put yourself out there looking for  that perfect partner you need to know 100% that you are a great catch. If you wouldn’t date yourself why would anyone else?  Sheree’s job as a dating coach is to help you find or uncover any missing pieces allowing you to put your best foot forward and make your dating adventures fun, positive and reap the rewards you are hoping for.  Sheree would love to help you find that perfect partner, through Matchmaking, date coaching or both . Together you have a greater opportunity to find that “match that works”. Contact us today to book your Date Coaching Session: 778-927-1204