Confidence, This Years Most Desirable Accessory

1004582_10151709483327177_1731049299_nWhat is the most attractive accessory any woman can wear?
Confidence! Bar none! Yes Confidence is this years most attractive accessory!

In the past few years advertising companies have finally got onboard and starting appealing to women and young girls of all sizes and shapes. Ads that focus on empowering women and young girls all have the same message. Confidence! Be proud of who you are! Take Pride in your Diversity and your Uniqueness.

We are all familiar with the Victoria secret models and their fashion shows the percentage of women that actually fit that bill is minuscule. The truth is even they don’t look like the ads we see. Everyone is photo shopped and trust me they don’t wake up looking like that.

If you look carefully at the angels in the picture the majority of girls are smiling and projecting confidence but the one on the far right is not and she is the only one that although she is probably just as beautiful as the other women you don’t notice as much as the ones who appear to be happy. Believe it or not some of the most insecure women in the world are models. Why, because they are criticized on a daily basis. They are held up to ridiculous standards of perceived beauty. It’s no wonder there are so many models and actresses that have eating disorders. They are constantly starving themselves to fit into what fashion and advertising has told us we all needed to be in order to be desirable and happy. But what if we were all happy exactly as we are?

Lane Bryant has just started a fabulous new campaign called I’m no angel! #IMNOANGEL appealing to women size 14 and up.

The number one thing you notice about their ads is those women are rocking it, they are fierce, proud and genuinely smiling from ear to ear. That is Confidence and it is so sexy!

Dove Beauty products has been supporting and encouraging Confidence in women and young girls for many years in their commercials (starting in 2004).

The focus again being Confidence is the most important asset a girl can have and to take pride in their uniqueness.

There is also a plethora of women in the middle, they aren’t in the size 0 category but they aren’t a size 14 or up either. As a 5’7″, size 8 or 10 women myself. (depending on the designer) I don’t seem to fit either category but “I DON”T CARE”! All I can do is be the best me I can be and focus on my positives, keep myself as healthy and active as possible (not to be skinny but to be healthy and glowing) and dress myself accordingly. Even though I started out as a very shy insecure child and teenager I blossomed into a very confident adult. But it didn’t happen overnight, I worked on it for a very long time. Today I consider it one of my best attributes.

I long ago recognized that I wasn’t exactly a model but I could be a role model. As a dating coach and Matchmaker the number 1 thing I work with women and men is helping them find their Confidence. I know that every potential client comes to me looking for a partner mentions Confidence (not Ego) as an attribute they are looking for. Someone who is comfortable in their own skin and who has a positive outlook on life. If you don’t think you are a great catch why would anyone else?

Take a look in the mirror today and write a list of your positive features, if you really look I guarantee you will find them! Remind yourself every day until you know in your heart you may not be Perfect but you pretty darn Great and that’s enough! Stand proud ladies and show the world your beautiful self! You might be surprised at the reaction you get!

PS. Special note for all you beautiful ladies to remember just as we all come in varying shapes and sizes keep in mind so do men and not all of them are over 6″ either. I’m just saying!

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