12 Dating Tips For Men.

why is socializing in vancouver so hardMen always tell me they have no idea what women want. Listen up MEN these are the top 12 dating do’s
  1. Women like you to initiate contact with them, then ask for the date. At the very least by phone, never text or email for a date!
  2. Make time for them and be on time, they want to know they matter to you.
  3. Be the man (not dominating) so she can be the lady.
  4. Pay attention, put your cell phone away and be in the moment.
  5. Listen to understand not respond or solve.
  6. Make an effort to clean yourself up and dress appropriately.
  7. Dinner dates should fit into your budget, do not expect her to go dutch.
  8. Runners or sneakers are not for dinner dates.
  9. Plan casual activity dates as well, you can both relax and get to know each other while having fun.
  10. Focus on the positives, her, conversations and how happy you are to be there.
  11. Everyone says be yourself but try to show her the best you (be a gentleman).
  12. Call when you say you are going to call (or don’t say you will).

Seems simple enough but you would be surprised how many men just don’t do it and then they wonder why they don’t get a second date. Be proactive! You only have one chance to make a first impression, make yours memorable! Happy dating! I would love to hear your dating exploits using these techniques!

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