At a dead end? Don’t let that stop you!

At a dead end? Don't let that stop you!
Every once in a while you come to a point where you realize that your life story has become stalled, redundant or downright boring. When you find yourself at this point it becomes clear, there is no other option, it’s time to turn the page and start a new chapter. That being said, it is not always that easy!

Why do we hang on for dear life to something that may have run its course a long time ago? Being a positive person I like to think it’s out of hope but sometimes it’s just that we are not really ready to move forward. Maybe there is some comfort in the old weathered worn pages of our life. It smells and feels familiar like a well worn blanket or pillow but it can smother us if we let it. The trick is in knowing when it’s time to purge and move on.

I have learned through my business that the road to success is to keep an eye on things. You need to be able to assess, adapt or evolve in order to keep moving forward, if you wish to attain your goals. I think life can be like that as well. It can be easy to get stalled in a rut and sometimes we have to shake things up a little in order to get back on track.

When we find ourselves at a dead end it forces us to pause and rethink our journey. That’s not to say that the road we were on was the wrong one, it may just have run its course. Life is like that, it throws us curveballs. It’s up to us to handle what is thrown in our direction the best way we know how. Sometimes we drop the ball, sometimes we hit a homerun but other times we have to start anew by getting off the fence.

My journey has taught me is that life is not about getting to the end of the road and finding the great prize, it is the journey! Trust me I know, life is not always a carefree scenic trip! What we need to remember is that even when we are struggling over the bumps, potholes, flood waters, head on crashes or feel like we are running out of gas, it is all part of the trip! I hope to make mine memorable!

So what are you going to do to make it the best adventure you can? You can start by putting one foot in front of the other, welcome change and keep moving forward!

I welcome the next chapter in my life! Ready or not, here I come!

  1. DeborahDeborah05-09-2012

    Great entry Sheree,

    Good luck with your journey, and keep your sense of beauty alive, while you make more change.

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