Have faith, I just (haven’t met you yet).

michael-buble-finding-love-dating-matchworks If you are over the age of 30 and single  you have  probably had your heart broken at least once, if not many times. At the ripe old age of 53 I have had it broken more times than I care to count. As someone who has looked at all angles of  a breakup it,  even if you were the one that ended the relationship or they did or both of you, it still hurts.  I have a dear male friend who has said to me , “If I was a woman I would never talk to men” and he  is continually shocked that  I am still the eternal optimist.  Why do I still believe in Love and Romance and that there truly is someone out there for everyone. Maybe it is just because I am too stubborn or stupid to give up hoping or maybe because the alternative is just too sad and I always want to believe the best in people. Does it mean that I have been taken advantage for it, yes! Does it mean that I have trusted people that I probably shouldn’t have, yes! Does it mean that I am going to build a wall around me so that no one can get in, NO! Because then I would be just like those people that have hurt me, because they were afraid of getting hurt. (I have done it before and I can tell you  from first had experience the result is not worth it, no one wins.)

I have polled alot of singles, men and women and they have all told me  about someone that ran from them because they felt like things were getting to close. People why would you run from something that has such wonderful potential? Love is and can be so wonderful and amazing but you have to welcome it in, not fear it.  There is a reason that so many songs, movies and poems have been written about it. Because when two people open their hearts completely and allow themselves the opportunity to truly fall in love, there is no feeling that can compare.  But you both have to be brave and be willing to open yourself up completely in order for love to flourish. I know that it can be scary, there are no guarantees in life. If you are continually convinced that  love will end with a broken heart, then you will manifest exactly that.  Can you remember how it felt as a teenager, when you first fell in love and you had no fear, god I wish that everyone could be that open and trusting, always.

Michael Buble’ has an incredible  new song,  ( haven’t met you Yet) and it talks about exactly that, having faith.  His song is about believing  in love and having faith that there is someone out there for him, no matter how many times he has had his heart broken. Just as I believe there is someone out there  for all of us. It is so incredibly hard to find someone out there that is compatible with us, that makes our heart pound, that literally can take out breath away, some people have never felt that.  How sad it is when that happens and some people panic and run for whatever reason, that they don’t even care to explore. All they know is something scared them, ( possibly past baggage) how about stopping for a second, slowing down a bit and looking at what may be causing that fear instead of cowering away. Life is so short, why would you throw away someone that makes your heart pound uncontrollably? No one is perfect, life is not perfect and relationships take considerable effort on both sides, but it is the only way to find  true lasting love. Love will never come gift wrapped without any obstacles, but if that is what you are expecting, no wonder you are disappointed. Alot of people have unrealistic expectations, believing that there will be someone out there that will so perfect for them that they will never have to work at it.  If you ask anyone who has been married for many years and is  relatively happy, they will tell you it took alot of effort on both sides. It takes patience, compassion, faith, trust, commitment and alot of persistence, especially when it might seem easier just to walk away.  Be brave and take that chance, I  believe anyone of us can attain true love, however, we do have to do the work, it is a labour of Love, Excuse the Pun!

I believe, just like Michael that there truly is someone out there for all of us and I am willing to do the work to discover love and make it last.  I just have to find the right someone who is also brave enough to take that chance and make the effort. How about you, are you willing to take that chance? If you really do want to spend your life in fear, you can, but I choose to want to believe. Maybe, I just haven’t met you yet! 🙂

Please check out Michael Buble’s new wonderfully upbeat song  (haven’t met you yet)!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AJmKkU5POA

PS (I am pretty sure that I saw our own local Erin Cebula dancing around in the street scene also, outside the grocery store). 

 Thanks Michael for helping us keep the faith! I think I heard that you are smitten recently, but  If you need any help you know where to reach me. 🙂

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