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If you could say anything to the men or women in Vancouver about dating what would it be?

Sheree Morgan Matchmaker

  1. LucyLucy04-25-2009

    I have lived in London and New York, and have never witnessed such pussy men until I came to Vancouver. Guys here DO NOT approach women in public spaces, at whatever costs. You are right, in America and Europe, guys KNOW how to socialize and approach women without appearing creepy or desperate. It seems here all the guys lack basic social skills or are just lazy, and hope a woman pursues them. I often go drinking at a local pub where many young men and women dress up to meet the opposite sex. My friends and I often note how there will be tables just full of guys, and tables just full of girls, but no guys ever go over to talk to the girls and vice versa. One guy who was a stranger asked a mate of mine to help him talk to a girl at another table. Seriously, if a guy needs a third party to approach a woman, and can’t do it himself, he needs to stay home.

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