Is Sexting Cheating?

Cell Phone Ettiquette

Cell Phone Ettiquette

Thanks to cell phones, IPod’s, laptop computers we now have immediate access to a multitude of people anywhere, everywhere. Unfortunately when anything is too easy it tempts the weak and feeds addictive behaviours such as cheating or at least virtually cheating. Herein lies the question, Is Sexting Cheating?

Anthony Weiner is a prime example of Sexting and Cheating! Obviously his wife and the rest of the political world thought it was inappropriate but what does the general public think?

Have you ever sexted or texted something sexual to someone other than your significant other?

Do you think it should be excusable for either partner to be able to have these sexting activities?

Where would you draw the line?

Why would you be sexting someone else anyways?

If you knew it would hurt your partner would you do it?

How would you feel if your found out your partner had a sexting buddy or buddies?

How do you think your partner would feel?

Even though there is no actual physical interaction do you think sexting is cheating?

Do you think it leads to real cheating?

Do you think in any way that it would benefit your significant relationship?

My personal thought is cheating is cheating and once you start thinking about having sex with someone else it is a very slippery slope till you actually do. I personally would not want to know my partner was thinking about someone else sexually, I would like to think they wouldn’t feel the need. It would certainly damage my relationship if I found out that they did.
I would love to know your thoughts!

  1. Ken CollardKen Collard03-19-2012

    I agree cheating is cheating! That would be a deal breaker for me!
    Ive only sexted with my partner in the past and its very fun especially when it comes out of the blue when your at work.

  2. Joel BenjaminJoel Benjamin04-19-2012

    Thinking thoughts that you’re unwilling to share with your partner is cheating.

    If you sext and hide that fact then you’ve judged yourself guilty.

    If you sext and admit it and it hurts your partner, then you’ve cheated.

    If you sext and admit it and your partner’s OK with it, you’re OK … except realize that you have just given him/her tacit permission to sext also!

    Remember, you might be hurting the people you’re sexting to. They may start to get emotionally involved with you, or they may feel that they themselves are cheating.

    Glancing at porn once in a while is probably a safer bet!

  3. P. A. PhillipsP. A. Phillips02-26-2013

    It is cheating. Period. End of story.

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