The Art of Kissing

That amazing kiss! OK, so now you have someone you would like to get to know better, now what? You plan a great date but your thoughts are jumping ahead, what happens when you get to that first kiss? Now we are onto one of my favourite subjects, kissing, I could kiss for hours and have ended up with chapped lips and whisker burn many times, but it was well worth it. I think kissing is a lost art! It is one of the most so intimate experiences you can have with a partner. In today’s busy world people are often in such a hurry they rush past this mutually satisfying experience. Maybe we need to slow things down a bit and explore this sensual gift.
Just like sex there are so many different types of kisses. There is the long slow, sensual exploration, no need to rush here. Why would you want to? I personally like to experience it all. From the faintest touch, try just barely touching your partners lips and then pull back slightly and see what happens, I bet that your partner will come searching for your mouth. What about those deep wet kisses that take your breath away? Is it hot in here? A little nibble on your partner’s bottom lip can create incredible excitement, remember not too hard, no pain needed here. Look your partner right in the eyes and smile that sexy smile as you lightly brush their lips with yours. I have experienced some of the most amazing kisses, passionate and tempting, some barely involved touching. This of course is only possible with great chemistry, Ah the elusive chemistry! God love it!
Men, I will let you in on a little known fact about women, if you are a good kisser, chances are you will get more. If your first kiss sucks sorry but you are probably done for. The first kiss should not be like a big wet sloppy dogs. Sorry no sugar coating here, I am here to help right. It should start out as a very romantic sweet soft enticing kiss that keeps her wanting more. You want her excited, not disgusted, honestly I have had both and very often the later by men that I thought would or should know better. Women, you are just as responsible for your part, sorry no one is off the hook here. It takes two to tangle or is that tango, (a Freudian slip). What about those hard pensive closed lips, or a stabbing tongue, ouch……. painful and not sexy at all, from either side. What can I say, take your time, start out slow, explore, explore and have fun. Remember how much fun you had as a teenager, when all you did was kiss? Practice, praise, practice………..okay you have your homework, what are you going to do tonight? Is it hot in here?
I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on some of your most amazing kisses. Was it the physical attraction or chemistry that decided the height of excitement of the kiss? Was it the moment that you knew that you were connected to your partner? Did you eliminate someone because of a bad kiss? Any kissing tips you want to share? Besides the obvious, making sure that your teeth and breath are sparkling clean and fresh. Please send me your comments, I always appreciate your participation. Have fun and happy kissing.

Sheree Morgan

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