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Lies we tell ourselves when single and over 35 VERSUS the honest truth by Matchmaker Sheree Morgan

1. I look way younger than my real age – (Almost every person that comes to me tells me the same thing)

2. Anyone should be happy to have me – (No one is a match for everyone)

3. I just haven’t met the right one yet – (You’ve probably met lots of great matches but you overlooked them by judging them too quickly)

4. I’m really fussy – (You have unrealistic expectations)

5. I don’t want to settle – (Define settling, everyone eventually settles for someone, when ready)

6. It’s the wrong time – (For the right person you can find the right time)

7. There are no good men or women anymore – (With that mindset that’s exactly what you will find)

8. When I find the right person I won’t have to do any work – (Every relationship you have in your life will require work on both sides to make it last. Period)

9. They won’t care if I’m overweight – (Sorry honey they care and will rarely look past it)

10. My height shouldn’t matter – (Women almost always want to look up to a man, it’s basic biology, it does matter)

11. I’m just not attracted to women my own age – (Have you seen all the women your own age? Have you honestly looked in the mirror yourself? Biologically speaking your dropping testosterone is driving or not driving you, stop blaming women)

12. I’ve got lots of time – (No one is getting any younger and the older we get the pool gets smaller and smaller)

13. I should know immediately if he or she is the ONE – ( Untrue, the best relationships are built out of friendships and the chemistry grows as they get to know and actually like each other)

14. Immediate chemistry equals great relationship – (It equals physical chemistry which often blinds you to the red flags and often burns out when you realize you don’t have anything to keep the flame alive)

15. I will be happy when I find the love of my life – (You must be happy with yourself first in order to be happy with someone else, they will not magically complete you)

I agree that most of these are not fair, not right and I’m not saying I agree with them. i am speaking from first hand knowledge as a Matchmaker and Dating coach that talks to single men and women every day about their like and dislikes and why they think they’re single.


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