Where to look for a classic?

DSC00279I am constantly asked “where do all the men hang out”? Remember you have to think like a man, what do men like? Hint…………. they like cars!!!!! In that sense, I am like a man, I love cars, nice shiny sports cars, especially the ones with the long extended fronts (sigh). I know if I was a man you would call them penis extension’s. 🙂 Sorry that’s what they call them. I do prefer older models though, no surprise as I am an older model myself. 🙂 I have always loved Jaguars, those low riding , over extended hoods, harbouring turbo thrusting monster engines, the wind in my hair, the sun shining on my face, my heart racing, putting the pedal to the metal, vvvvrrrrrrrroooooooommmmmm. Crap it’s raining. Sorry, I just wandered off into a little fantasy there. 🙂 Sorry men , I don’t know the correct car terminology, that’s what we need you for. I just love to admire their fine lines and take them for a spin!

Ladies take my word for it, Google local car shows and make sure and add them to your calendar and to do list. Men love car shows and will go in groups. My all time favourite is the Van Dusen British car show which just passed, but there are plenty more coming up. Gather up your girlfriends and go for a stroll amid the classics, there are the luxury cruisers, hot racy sports rods and don’t forget the dependable suburban family models. Whatever your little heart desires. 🙂 When you find a really hot smoking model, you may just see me there, I will be the one drooling …………………………….over the sports cars of course. What did you think I was talking about? 🙂 Men, keep an eye out for the ladies, you may just spot a few checking out a new model. Make sure your chrome is polished and ready to shine. Happy cruising everyone and don’t forget to socialize and make the most of the trip!

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