My Lost Love!

my-lost-love-dating-happinnessRecently I have been struggling to lose a few pounds that have mysteriously crept on my A__ . I started to question why. Watching my weight and staying in shape has not been a problem for years, but years ago I had a love. It was a love so deep and strong that it kept me happy and lean for a very long time. Somehow I lost that love or did I just give up on it?

I am talking about my mad, passionate love of dance. That true love of shaking my booty. Just thinking about it makes me smile. I have often said “it is impossible to dance and not smile”. So why was I not dancing anymore? Somehow I had let my business, night blindness, and life in general supersede something I really enjoyed. In the past few years my love had gotten pushed into the background until it completely disappeared.

My earliest memories of dancing involved me and Chubby Checker. (Yes, I am that old!) I would break into a mad twisting frenzy upon hearing “Come on Baby….. let’s do the twist!”. It would render me helpless to resist, grinning from ear to ear. But my love didn’t stop there it was followed by the Frug, the Bossa Nova, the Jive, the Mashed Potatoe. Seriously those are the actual dance names and I loved them all.

With the introduction of TV’s in every family home (we have already covered my age) came American Bandstand with Dick Clark and Ed Sullivan introducing the top new bands. The Osmonds, The Jackson 5, The Animals, The Monkeys, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles and I just couldn`t sit still watching them. “She loves you Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!” It was a magical time!

Dance also taught me to appreciate other types of music. I didn’t start out a country music fan but I learned to appreciate it through Two Step, Triple Step, East Coast Swing amid a plethora of other dance lovers. It was all such fun and before you knew it hours had passed every time I hit the dance floor. Lured by all these new dancing friends and moves I spun my way into Salsa, Chacha and the always romantic Waltz. Again I don`t remember having to add any other workout to keep fit, it just worked and I never had to think about it or talk myself into doing it. So why did I let something that made me this happy and healthy slip away?

We all know what happens when we ignore something we love? Before long it can wither away and become part of our past! Well no more, my love will never die! I vow today to get back into my dancing shoes and trip the light fantastic! I am smiling in anticipation already. Who knows maybe I will find a new partner too!

Have ever given up or lost something that makes you happy? Maybe it’s time to relook at an old friend or rekindle that spark? Sometimes we don’t know what we have until we lose it! Here’s hoping that rekindling my lost love will help me find something else I lost, my great butt! Fingers crossed.
“ oh, oh, baby”……. “I want you back”!

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