IS IT TIME FOR YOU TO FIND LOVE? ARE YOU TIRED OF THE DATING ROLLER COASTER? DOES QUALITY VERSUS QUANTITY matter to you? Match-Works Matchmaking and SHEREE MORGAN offer you a personal, private, professional option to dating services. CALL NOW to find out about their EXCLUSIVE PLATINUM, GOLD AND SILVER MEMBERSHIPS. LOVE IS A WONDERFUL THING and ISN'T THAT WHAT YOU REALLY WANT? 778-927-1204.

Why is Matchmaker Sheree Morgan and Match-Works Unique?

1. Effective

Match-Works Matchmaking and Sheree Morgan have a highly effective matching process often resulting in great matches within two to three dates.


2. Private

Match-Works Matchmaking takes extra care to ensure your personal data is kept private and never ever stored online.

3. Safe

Every Match-Works match has had their background checked and been personally pre-screened to ensure your safety and peace of mind.


4. Personal

Sheree personally screens all potential matches then works on a one to one basis using her fabulous intuition to find that unique match.

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  • The secrets to a long term relationship!

    As some of you know, I co-host an online radio show with John Barson. A few weeks ago we had the authors of ” the  Introvert and Extrovert in Love” on and really got to explore how our brains and temperaments affect our love life. More importantly how to understand our …

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  • Ed and Jillian, Gotta Love that Chemistry!

    I was right, last night Jillian picked Ed on the Bachelorette! How many of you watched last night? Come on you can admit it, it’s a guilty pleasure.  I won’t tell anyone! lol lol Monday morning I was fortunate enough to be invited to Breakfast Television (Channel 13) …

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  • The White Knight Syndrome

      Are you someone who always seems to end up with a partner in need of rescuing? If so, you may be a White Knight (not always a good thing) , according to a recently published book, The White Knight Syndrome: Rescuing Yourself from Your …

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  • Are you ready for that relationship?

    Do you think that you are ready for love and a relationship? I know you saying of course, but are you really? When you look back at your past relationships do you know what went wrong, have you changed the way that you look at …

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  • The Bachelorette

    Earlier this week I was fortunate enough to be a guest on Shaw Cable’s Urban Rush with Michael Eckford and Fiona Forbes. I had so much fun with them, they really do make a guest feel comfortable and I certainly appreciated their sense of humour and very …

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  • Do Men and Women speak the same Language?

    If you have ever dated or tried to have a relationship with the opposite sex, you have probably asked the same question. He said, she said, can sometimes be the exact opposite. In any disagreement there is always his perception, her`s and the truth,  which is probably, but not always a …

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  • Jazzy socializing….. just do it….now!!!

    First off what are you doing being indoors and reading my blog. I am only kidding, thanks for the support, but you should be outside every waking minute right now and socializing, it’s gorgeous. Even the evenings are warm and the sun is up long …

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  • In the wake of Infidelity.

    Before I say anything else, I want to stress that not everyone in the world cheats, there are actually honest people out there that deserve your repect and trust. There seems to be an epidemic of infidilty, politicians, public figures and the  general public, male and female? How many times do people …

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  • Chocolate-love-in-the-mood-dating-tips-matchworks

    There is always Chocolate (it’s medicinal)

    No matter what our  trials and tribulations there is always one thing we can count on. CHOCOLATE, I am not talking about  the dime store brand, I am talking about good chocolate. You know the kind I mean, the  sweet, rich, creamy, chocolate that truly satisfies.  Why do …

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  • A positive spin on the down side of dating?

    We all have people that come in and out of our lives for whatever reason and sometimes no matter what we do or wish we could do, we  eventually come to the realization that this relationship is not going to be beneficial to both of us. I …

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