IS IT TIME FOR YOU TO FIND LOVE? ARE YOU TIRED OF THE DATING ROLLER COASTER? DOES QUALITY VERSUS QUANTITY matter to you? Match-Works Matchmaking and SHEREE MORGAN offer you a personal, private, professional option to dating services. CALL NOW to find out about their EXCLUSIVE PLATINUM, GOLD AND SILVER MEMBERSHIPS. LOVE IS A WONDERFUL THING and ISN'T THAT WHAT YOU REALLY WANT? 778-927-1204.

Why is Matchmaker Sheree Morgan and Match-Works Unique?

1. Effective

Match-Works Matchmaking and Sheree Morgan have a highly effective matching process often resulting in great matches within two to three dates.


2. Private

Match-Works Matchmaking takes extra care to ensure your personal data is kept private and never ever stored online.

3. Safe

Every Match-Works match has had their background checked and been personally pre-screened to ensure your safety and peace of mind.


4. Personal

Sheree personally screens all potential matches then works on a one to one basis using her fabulous intuition to find that unique match.

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    Where are the men??

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  • Plenty of Good men????

    In a recent post I talked about there being “plenty of men in Vancouver”. I posted the blog link to my facebook and was immediately corrected by a friend that there were plenty of GOOD men in Vancouver. My reply was that I didn’t know them all, I …

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  • Face time versus social media

    In today’s day and age there is so much accessibility to the world via social media, the end result is we are spending less and less time, face to face.   We have facebook, twitter, linkedin, personal and business e-mail’s all available at the push of a few buttons on …

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  • Life is too short! So Live it!

    Affirmations : terminology refers primarily to the practice of Positive thinking – fostering “a positive mental attitude supported by affirmations will achieve success in anything.” More specifically an affirmation is a carefully formatted statement that should be repeated to ones self and written down frequently. …

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  • Ladies there are plenty of men in Vancouver!

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    Intelligent successful women and their dating challenges.

    I am continually asked why a lot of successful intelligent women are single. I asked Relationship therapist Kim Sarrasin her opinion on this troubling issue. “There’s a large demographic of women living in Canada and the US who have spent the better part of their …

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  • Life is all about choice….Really!

    In another post I talked about the Book “Happiness is a choice” by Barry Neil Kaufman.  It is absolutely the truth. No matter how many obstacles I come up against or decisions I have to make, I realize that we do have a choice. How many of us knows someone …

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