IS IT TIME FOR YOU TO FIND LOVE? ARE YOU TIRED OF THE DATING ROLLER COASTER? DOES QUALITY VERSUS QUANTITY matter to you? Match-Works Matchmaking and SHEREE MORGAN offer you a personal, private, professional option to dating services. CALL NOW to find out about their EXCLUSIVE PLATINUM, GOLD AND SILVER MEMBERSHIPS. LOVE IS A WONDERFUL THING and ISN'T THAT WHAT YOU REALLY WANT? 778-927-1204.

Why is Matchmaker Sheree Morgan and Match-Works Unique?

1. Effective

Match-Works Matchmaking and Sheree Morgan have a highly effective matching process often resulting in great matches within two to three dates.


2. Private

Match-Works Matchmaking takes extra care to ensure your personal data is kept private and never ever stored online.

3. Safe

Every Match-Works match has had their background checked and been personally pre-screened to ensure your safety and peace of mind.


4. Personal

Sheree personally screens all potential matches then works on a one to one basis using her fabulous intuition to find that unique match.

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    The Benefits Of ‘Playtime’ For You And Your Partner

    Playtime is a staple in children’s lives, but not many adults… When was the last time you played? I mean really played. Outdoors, wind in your hair, laughing and smiling from ear to ear. Were you with a friend or was it with your partner? …

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    Notes to Moms, With Love!

    Relationships with our Mother’s can be wonderful and challenging as well, as any relationship.  I took a poll and asked  a varied group of men and women, If you could say anything to your mother,  without fear of repercussion, what would it be? The answers …

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    Are You Relationship Ready?

    Are you Relationship Ready?  While pre-screening new potential clients one of the first things I do is check to see if their timing is really right. Many times I find out they are not quite there yet! Let’s face it we all want love but some people …

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    Helpful Holiday Tips for Singles!

    Being single for the Holidays can strike fear in many people’s hearts, but no need to panic, help is here. As anything in life It’s all in how you look at it! Just think, you won’t have to worry about scrambling from one in-laws house …

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    0nline Dating Dangers

    Previously I wrote about the hazards of online dating, Link: https://match-works.com/?p=1032 I feel compelled to share a few  more stories with you, there are even more reasons why not to do it. I have a few acquaintances that are still online dating, they think that they know better and …

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    Can Men and Women be “Just friends”?

    I’d like to ask that old question, Can Men and Women be friends?  By that I mean platonic friends, no sexual overtones. From first-hand experience I would say, yes they can!  My dearest friend is a man, who literally has been my rock for the last 9 …

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  • North Shore News Sheree Morgan

    MEDIA: Find me a find, catch me a catch

    NORTH SHORE NEWS Anne Watson It all happened within a week. Sheree Morgan left the guy she was dating and the company she was working for. Tired of having to answer for somebody else, she decided she wanted to start her own business. “Everything that …

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    Chemistry, is that all you need?

    According to Merriam-Webster, “The word Pheromone comes to us from Greek origin meaning to transfer and excite. Pheromone a naturally occurring chemical compound found in all insects, animals, and humans sends airborne messages to trigger a response from one member of the opposite sex to …

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    Where to look for a classic?

    I am constantly asked “where do all the men hang out”? Remember you have to think like a man, what do men like? Hint…………. they like cars!!!!! In that sense, I am like a man, I love cars, nice shiny sports cars, especially the ones …

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    Happiness Philosophy!

    First off I will be honest and say I pulled this off a Facebook page but it struck me as so bang on that I wanted to share it. No need to reinvent the wheel here. A professor stood before his philosophy class and had …

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