Do you think Vancouver is a difficult city to date in? Updated

I am constantly being told that Vancouver is a difficult city to meet the opposite sex, why do you think that is? Or do you think it is? If not why? I have talked to many men and they say that women are not approachable.  I have also talked to lots of women and they tell me that men in Vancouver never approach them.  So we have a standoff, both parties waiting for the other to make a move and blaming the other sex. Why is it that both parties are waiting for the other to make the first move?

There are a few reasons that hold men back. Men  in Vancouver tend to have a fear of rejection. Why? Possibly because  of the women that they are targeting, (unrealistic expectations).   Do not assume just because you talk to any woman that she has to be attracted to you. Just because you may be attracted to her is not a guarantee that she feels the same way. Same goes for Women.  Men and women please just try socializing  (talking) with no expectations. Do not limit who you  casually talk to, you never know who else they might introduce you to or they also may be a lot more interesting than you think. It’s just talking, not a proposal. 🙂 I am a major networker, approach dating the same way. You never know what connections you might make.

There are also a lot of younger women that tend to flirt  quite openly with  older men. Sorry guys hate to burst your bubble, but sometimes it is  because they are just trying to get drinks bought for them.  I have actually seen the younger women betting on how many men they can get to  buy them anything.  Some women perceive that if they don’t move quickly and try to talk to any man that is mildly attractive, there will be plenty of  other women after them. So some women  tend to throw themselves at any seemingly available man. The end result is alot of men have gotten really lazy and lost their game. If they were in  the USA or Europe the men there would kick their butt socially and rightly so.  Men there know how to socialize and I mean they truly know how to approach and  talk to all women.  Women that have dated elsewhere know exactly what I mean. On the other hand, if the women is at all friendly and can actually talk  to a man, they automatically think that we want to take them home,  not true. We might actually just want to socialize.  You wouldn’t think a man wants you if he talked to you, why jump to conclusions when a woman talks to you first? Unfortunately this reaction has caused  alot of great women to think twice before talking to a stranger. I know I do, because this reaction has happened  to me quite often.  WE all need to learn not to put expectations on anyone we are meeting for the first time. Look on it as  an opportunity for conversation, Period. Don’t expect that every time that we talk to someone of the opposite sex it has to have a sexual overture.

Ladies we want the men to be the Hunter and pursue us, so try putting out a welcome mat. Make sure that if you out socializing, be happy, confident (your a wonderful woman remember) stay positive and  above all else make sure and take the time to smile.  I know, I say it over and over but everyone wants to talk to someone who is happy and comfortable in their own skin. Men all women are attracted to a confidant (not cocky) man.   Men be brave , If a woman smiles at you she might be sending you a welcome mat.  Try not to pull the rug out from under her. :)You may be standing at the threshold or you may meet a wonderful new friend or business associate. Any way it’s all good.

This is such a big problem for singles in Vancouver that I would welcome any input. Please share your thoughts on why this is such a problem  in Vancouver and how you think we can overcome it, in a perfect world. 🙂

  1. DavidyaDavidya03-05-2009

    I’ve not found that. Vancouver is full of social venues where you can meet like minded people. And I don’t mean bars. Much easier if you know someone in common for a woman to be open to getting to know you more. Culture a social life that takes you outside your immediate circle of friends.

    Victoria has much more of the British reserve, so it’s a great challenge.

  2. SCSC03-27-2009

    I have to admit a bit of envy those seeking the opposite sex!

    Even though Vancouver is a pretty open and ‘out’ city, and I consider myself actively social, meeting someone of the same sex who I’d consider dating is a pretty big challenge. I’m not giving up, and not complaining, just saying, when your ‘hetero-hunt’ seems tough, count your blessings as there’s more potential in your neck of the woods!

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