MEDIA: Soulmate and a salad

Sarah Rowland

Soulmate and a salad

There’s a new matchmaker in town. Her name is Sheree Morgan and she’s the latest and greatest cupid to set up shop in Vancouver.

Fed up with impersonal dating services that only offer women a set roster of random men to pick from, Morgan decided to start her own company: Match-Works Matchmaking (

She promises a personalized approach to matchmaking. As part of her introductory sign-up session, she takes her new clients on a little bit of a walkabout.That way, you (the paying customer) can point out what kind of person catches your eye. Basically, she discreetly points out someone and you give her a “yay” or “neh.”

In my case, she took me to the Bentall 5 Cactus Club for some mixed greens and a little old fashioned manhunting. Teeming with middle-aged suits and wellendowed young ladies, this is the place for women who are on the prowl for hotshot businessmen. I, unfortunately, am not one of those women – there was a whole lot of “nope,” “not even close” and “surely those can’t be real” coming out of my mouth.

Until, that is, she pointed out one particular suit with funky glasses. I told her if, and only if, he has an English accent and a cutting wit, then “maybe” he would qualify as my type. It turned out he did have a rather strong English accent. What are the chances?

Maybe it was a sign? Or maybe it wasn’t. Before I had a chance to figure it out, Morgan was already at his table getting contact info for her files. Oh, she’s good.Real good.

Whether I’ll actually go out with the English Suit is another matter all together. If truth be told, I’m more interested in getting to know Hot Cousin better right now. But it’s nice to know there’s a matchmaker in this city who really pays attention to your likes and dislikes. After all, forking out hardearned money to be set up with men who look like your uncle’s golfing buddy is unacceptable.

And like any good cupid, she’s also big on background checks.

Apparently, there are a fair number of men who are actually married and fail to mention that minor detail on their dating bios.

Likewise, she’s quite strict about showing photos that accurately represent her clients. No exceptions. I showed up for the enrolment interview without a stitch of makeup and I was SOL. I begged her to let me e-mail her a better (possibly Photoshopped) pic of me. Nothing doing.

So if you want to meet someone who doesn’t misrepresent his/ herself, then Match-Works just may be the dating service for you.

24 HRS Article by Sarah Rowland © 10/10/2008

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