Today’s gonna be a great day!

During The Oprah Show’s24th season kickoff party, Harpo staff and more than 20,000 people pulled off a massive surprise for an unsuspecting Oprah. The entire crowd performed a choreographed piece to the Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling,” and Oprah was not only shocked, she was thrilled! Award-winning director Michael Graceysays the interaction between the Black Eyed Peas and the crowd is what made the flash mob so extraordinary. “There’s something really special when you take an audience and instead of just being passive and watching, you invite them to participate,” he says. “That’s why it was so magical for both parties. Two groups of people came together to create something that neither of them could have done alone.”

I happened to be home feeling a little under the weather watching Oprah the day of her kickoff party and  I must admit that watching this  “flash mob” made me drag my sorry butt off my couch and I found myself dancing around my living room. (Those people who know me won’t find this hard to believe as I am a dancing fool, but I was  seriously not feeling well ). Play it and see if it motivates you to get up and start moving, if at the very least I can guarantee it will bring a smile to your face. Oprah was unaware that her staff had organized this” flash mob”  for her kickoff and her reaction was true joy.

Oprah’s Kickoff Party Dance


My point of showing this to you today is that during the fall and winter we all tend to be a little less jubilant than normal. I have to admit that I have been struggling with my energy level lately. Normally I am bouncing around like the people in the video, but not so much in the last few weeks. Trying to pinpoint it has been difficult. Yes, I have been under a little stress lately, but when aren’t we all?

Depression tends to be rampant during the fall and winter season, partly because we don’t get enough sunshine, partly because we feel trapped indoors because of the weather. So it is even more important for us to take care of ourselves doing this time. As a matchmaker I notice that singles tend to want to nest during this time as it is much nicer to have someone to cuddle up with when you are stuck indoors. As comfortable as we may  think we are at being single, it can really challenge the best of us.

Today Oprah was talking about how happy and energized this “flash mob” had made her and  she realized that it was because we  rarely ever get to see so many people being so happy at the same time. The feeling and the energy was infectious and the people who had participated said the experience was incredible. One man referred to it as a life changing moment, feeling  the energy from all those people actively jumping around and dancing was true bliss.

Having the Black Eyed Peas and the entire audience actively participate created a magical moment. My point here (and I do have one) 🙂 is  that without everyone’sparticipation it would not have been the same experience, but  as much as this “flash mob” took everyone to make it happen, it all started with one person deciding to create it.

I realize that we all have days that we are not at our best but it all starts with us. Grab a friend, get an umbrella, get outdoors, socialize, visit family, but don’t stay inside feeling sorry for yourself,  get busy! If that doesn’t work, you can call me, you know where to find me. Today’s gonna be a great Day! I gotta feeling!  Whoo hoo 🙂

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