Valentine’s Day stress free! (revised)

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Feb 14th is here again and it promises hearts, flowers, chocolates and magical love right? Or it can cause panic uncertainty or downright fear if you are in a relationship. Why, because of the fear of messing it up, not living up to the fantasy. Or what if you are single, it can make you feel alone and depressed. Relax, I am here to help! I can tell you all the secrets you need to know about creating a great Valentine’s Day.

Men, you probably think all I have to do is spend a lot of money on her and she will fall into your arms. Really, how’s that been working for you so far? What women really want you to do is pay attention! Put more thought into your gift than money. If you are planning on giving her some chocolates make sure you know what kind (brand) she really likes, not your favourite kind but hers! Make sure she is not allergic! Does she like milk, dark or white, with nuts or not! If you are thinking about flowers do you know what kind she likes, not all women love roses! Maybe its orchids or daisies! But whatever you do don’t forget the card, women are emotional creatures. If you want to reach out and touch her later start with touching her heart or you may end up in the doghouse all alone.

Most men honestly don’t care about a card, but if you bought him a complete auto detailing for his car he would probably adore you! Remember to think like the opposite sex when picking a gift, after all the idea is to make them happy, right? Men tend to like sports, cars and sex and not necessarily in that order, so go from there. Everyone wants to believe our partners think we are special, so why not show them, men or women!

What about lingerie? I think people have it all mixed up, I don’t recommend men buy lingerie for their partners. What if you buy something too big or god forbid too small, either way you are screwed unless you get it just right. You could give her a gift certificate though. so she could go pick out something special to share with you later. Or better yet I think women should buy the lingerie themselves and model it for their partners on V.Day, after all who is it really for? If a woman is comfortable in her lingerie (THAT IT PLAYS UP HER ASSETS) she will feel a lot sexier ….need I explain the benefits of that, for both of you?

I am actually a firm believer that we should show our appreciation for our partners all year long not just Valentine’s Day but some of you need a little reminder and without a set day romance can get overlooked. On the day restaurants will be full of couples so if you haven’t made reservations you can forget getting any at this late date. If you want to you can always give them a gift certificate for a dinner out in their favourite restaurant for another night when you can actually pick off the full menu. But for this night how about making dinner together? If you have children, isn’t it time for them to have a visit to Grandma’s? You can pick up all their favourite finger foods, put on a little mood music, light a few candles and ignite that passion. Just make sure and blow out the candles before you climb into bed, always practice safe sex! But by all means practice, practice!

Ladies if you happen to be single and fearing spending it alone why not spend it with a fabulous friend, order in some yummy takeout food (stay away from romantic restaurants full of mushy couples) and give each other facials or manicures or watch an uplifting movie complete with popcorn. (just don’t pick a sappy love story) While you are at it you can relish the fact that you can lounge around in your jammies with no makeup on and you only have to pick up after yourself. Men I know there is always a sports event on TV or a sports bar that can distract you and while you’re at it go ahead and appreciate the fact you don’t have to share the remote, eat healthy or even put on pants (provided you are at home).

I wish you all a Fabulous Valentine’s Day no matter who you are! Make it a great one no matter what you do! We are all responsible for our own Happiness! Yes, emotionally and physically! Keep in mind, whatever you focus on that’s what you will get, so focus on the positives alone or together!

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