Welcome Mat or Doormat


Recently I was asked about “making sure your doormat is out”. I realized quickly that she actually meant a phrase I often use “making sure your welcome mat is out”. There is a very big difference between your welcome mat and being a doormat. Do you know the difference?

When I refer to your “welcome mat”, I mean making sure that your attitude is positive, energetic, open and inviting. The best way to put your welcome mat out is to start with a smile. There is nothing more attractive on a man or a woman than a smile. Not a cheesy, smarmy, lecherous smile but a warm and inviting, honest, sincere smile from the heart. It comes from being comfortable in your own skin. People are drawn to optimistic, happy, smiling faces, it’s like a magnet! They just can’t resist.

When I refer to a “door mat “that has a whole other connotation. A doormat is something you wipe your feet on, step all over and leave out in the rain. Now does that sound like something you want or want to be? How do I know? I have been that doormat. Unfortunately I think a lot of us have gotten this confused. How many of you have sat by the phone waiting for it to ring, put your life on hold waiting for a date that didn’t appear? I know, you were thinking “if you were just available enough and nice enough they would realize what a wonderful person you were:”. How did that work out for you? I already know the answer. As I said, I have been that doormat! But no more!

If you look at the difference between a welcome mat and a doormat which would you rather be? Which would you rather date? A welcome mat will get you smiles, conversations and invites. A doormat leaves you outside and alone, covered in mud. The difference between a doormat and a welcome mat is really up to you. You can lead by example and present an inviting optimistic smiling face to the public, someone that leads with and expects respect in return. Or you can walk around angry, bitter, feeling victimized wondering why no one realizes what a wonderful person you are. Sound familiar? If you look at it this way, it’s a no-brainer.

So here is your challenge for today, lead with a smile! See how many you can pass on today! But do it with no expectations just for the sheer enjoyment of passing on a smile. I bet you will be amazed how many you get in return.

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