Why are the men in Vancouver losing to Americans and Europeans?

As most of you know I am a professional Matchmaker. One of the  most common  questions I get asked about men in Vancouver is “why they don’t approach women”?  As a matter of fact, when a man does approach me initially, I always ask where he is from, he invariably is either American or European. So why don’t Vancouver men take that first step?  Americans and Europeans  are naturals, but why?

Last week is a prime example, I was walking very quickly to an apt. and passed a very attractive, well dressed young man (about 30) he made a point of making eye contact with me and  smiled quite openly. I smiled back and kept going at the same speed,  he was way too young for me and I was in a hurry. A few seconds later I heard a man’s voice ask me if  “I spoke any Spanish” I replied  “a little” and he proceeded to ask me what my name was in Spanish. Not really that up on my Spanish I had to reply in English. No worries though, his English was quite good and he proceeded to start a conversation with me. My initial reaction was “OK  he’s very attractive but way too young, what does he really want?”  Realizing though that he should be appreciated for making that initial contact I listened, but kept walking, unfortunately I really was in a hurry. He very politely asked me if I had time to stop for coffee, I didn’t,  but he certainly did impress me. I think he might have been a very nice conversationalist and I was honestly flattered, I did however give him my card thinking he might be great for one of my clients. My point here is he wanted to talk to me, so he did plain and simple. When I asked where he was from he replied Spain, no surprise here.  🙂 Men in  Vancouver just don’t approach women like that. Why not?

I spoke to some American men and they told me that they are happy Vancouver men are so slow in this area, it gives them a great opportunity to stand out in the crowd. Vancouver men, why are you not approaching women, you are really missing out here! These same men are always complaining that there are no good women in Vancouver and I know for a fact that there is a plethora of great single women,but they do need to be brave and take that first step.

Men listen up, I will let you know the secret to standing out in the crowd. The  first  thing that women are attracted to is CONFIDENCE, yes confidence, if you want to attract women you have to be comfortable in your own skin.  Not egotistical but confident, there is a difference.  🙂 If you are not, then figure out what is holding you back. If you need to update your look, contact me, you would be amazed at how many of you are  dressing either too old or giving the wrong message with your first impression.  You only get once to make a first impression make sure that it is the right one.  Be honest, the first thing that you notice about a woman is how she looks and let me guess the ones you are attracted to  are attractive,  well groomed, (hair, makeup, clothes). Even  if you are outdoorsy there are sports clothes that are appropriate and they should always be clean and flattering to your body type. Never ever show up for a date with runners on unless you are going to be doing something active, just make sure they are clean and current. The runners from Walmart that are covered in dirt and smell to high heaven are not appropriate. Think about it, you would not look twice at a women if she didn’t make an effort to groom herself properly. Yes, women do care about how you look just as much as you do. Have a little pride in your appearance and your confidence will grow. If you have severe emotional issues in this area, then  do everyone a favour and get some help before you start approaching women.

Okay now that we have that covered, I will tell you another secret………Women want you to make that first step. Seriously they want you to smile at them, initiate contact, but do it without expectations. Not everyone that you may be interested in is going to be interested in you, or she may already be taken and have a jealous boyfriend.  Be polite, be positive and don’t push if she is not interested. Believe me if she is interested she will let you know, even if it is just with a smile  (she might be a little shy). Don’t let the American and European men beat you to all the great ladies in Vancouver, remember you have the power. It is all up to you to make a first good impression, be confident, happy (smile),  be positive and polite (women love a gentleman) and do it all with no expectations. Who knows you might be pleasantly surprised. 🙂   

If you want a little help, you know who to call. 778-927-1204 and ask for Sheree

  1. Sheree MorganSheree Morgan10-05-2011

    Alex you are carrying some serious negativity and anger issues and women can spot that a mile away. I don’t think the women in Vancouver are the problem. Try approaching them with a positive outlook and no expectations and you may find a different outcome!

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