Why Matchmaking?

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Professional Matchmaking has been around for a very long time but not very many people knew about it or used it, till recently. With the realization of the dangers of online dating and professional people wishing to keep their identities and personal information private, people are looking for a better alternative, hence exploring Matchmaking.  Professional Matchmakers are a rare and special breed and their job is not easy, if it was, anyone could do it and there would be no single people! How can you tell a good one? The Best Matchmakers work with their clients on a one to one basis! How can they possibly suggest a  suitable possible match otherwise?  They have to get to know their clients personally in order to get to know their personality, their life paths,  their needs and wants (there is a difference).  In turn each client has to be as honest as possible and realistic with their expectations in order to reap the desired results. It is a working synergy that reaps the best results, A great match for both sides!

There are a lot of dating services around that call themselves Matchmakers, so how can you tell a Dating service from a Matchmaker? Anyone that sells you a number of dates is a dating service! Keep in mind these are dates and likely not suitable matches. They do ask you to fill out a profile but they do not spend the time to get to know each client and verify who they say they are. Why not, because it takes too much time and  money, you cannot work with volumes of people personally. There are only so many hours in a day. Dating services will take on just about anyone because they need the volume, in order to complete their numbers!  A true Matchmaker works with very few  premium or top level clients at a time, although their database may be substantial. They will never promise you a number! Why because no one can tell you how many possible matches there are for you in any given time, if they promise you anything different they are lying.

Here are your options: I describe online dating like the phone book, thousands of people, possibly a few good matches in there, good luck sorting through them and a lot of false advertising. A dating service will sell you one page in that phone book, it doesn’t mean it’s the right page but they will sell you the number of dates you  are willing to pay for. Their theory is it’s a numbers game “if you throw enough against the wall maybe one will stick.” If that was the case the volume available with online dating would work for everyone and as we know, it clearly does not.  A True Professional Matchmaker will only suggest what could be called a fully qualified and screened possibility for both sides. So it’s up to you! If you want thousands of  un-screened dates with who knows who then chose online dating. If you are interested in a set amount of dates use a dating service. If you want your privacy protected and are only interested in meeting a few handpicked, fully qualified screened possible matches for both sides use a true Professional Matchmaker like me!  It really is up to you!!! If  you would like to know more call me 778-927-1204 or send me your profile.

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